My Journey with Google Code-In and FOSSASIA.

Hello to everybody, This is my first blog related to me.
In this blog, I will be talking about how I came to know about Google Code-In and how I became the member of FOSSASIA Community.
If you don’t know what is Google Code-In and FOSSASIA then Google Code-In is a pre-university coding contest for the students studying in school and college of age 13 to 17. and

FOSSASIA is an organization developing software applications for social change using a wide-range of technologies.

– According to FOSSASIA, you can learn more about FOSSASIA on their website
Actually, I was knowing about Google Code-In from a month ago. I was searching for a scholarship from google then I found Google Code-In.
So, I was ready to apply for it but I haven’t had the experience for these types of contest. but I was ready for it.
I was researching for it from a month before and I was knowing that its registration would start on 28th November 2017 at 10:30 PM (IST).
And on 28th November I started my laptop and opened Google Code-In website at 10 PM and refreshed it for 30 mins. and then at 10:30 PM I registered for it and submitted my PARENTAL CONSENT form but I forgot to write the date on the form so the form was rejected for the first time. then I reapplied for it online next day and then finally the form was approved.
The first task that I chose was to make a calculator form a JavaScript library known as ember.js (this task was form FOSSASIA).
Actually, I have no idea about ember.js but I started to experiment with it. and finally made the calculator
you can see the demo at
Then I saw a task in which I have to apply for FOSSAISA and Join the community.
I have joined it and added my profile to FOSSASIA GCI website and then joined them on social media.
I liked FOSSASIA organization very much because their mentorship is very good. I liked their projects. They are working on an AI chat program ( I wanted to work on that but I haven’t started yet because I am not so confident about it but will try to do those task. And the awesome thing is everything is OpenSource.
Actually, everyone want’s software for free and these OpenSource communities are doing great. I have much opensource application
I have Visual Studio Code for my editor,
I use Gravit Designer as an alternative to illustrator.
Because I am currently interested in web development (but I wanted to learn everything.) so I don’t have much software installed on my Laptop. I’m using node.js and npm to work on my web development projects.
My favorite OS is Ubuntu but I have dual booted my Laptop with windows because I wanted to use Photoshop. there are some alternatives to Photoshop for ubuntu but I am not familiar with them.
And if you wanted to know more about me or my work then you can check me on
and on GitHub:

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